Hay Day Secret to Success – Game Simplicity

You know, it’s hard to say no whenever you are playing a less complicated yet addictive game of Hay Day. I am just like any of you guys, you are in love with the game, don’t you? Everything about this game is perfect and so adorable. To be honest, I got nothing against it. For those who don’t know, it’s Hay Day by SuperCell for iOS and Android phones and tablets. You know what I love about this game? Other than managing the ever growing farm of mine? This is a progressive simple game that simulates something that I can relate to, that is farming and it doesn’t have to be more complicated than it needs to. You don’t have to micromanage a spreadsheet and, freaking, navigate 37 menus just to play with a farm and everything else within it. Supercell exactly knows how to make games like this and does exactly fails to do so that is to make the game as simplistic as possible yet very addictive and fun doing so.

So it’s really simple. You have a farm to start with, and you get to change it however you want with some limitations and goal that needs to be attended to as you go along. You want the flowers, the trees, the animals in a particular way? Hey, you’re the boss and that is one thing that makes it very immersive. You want to put a cool rock along the path to the vineyard? Well, aren’t you the rock guy. It’s all up to you, boss. Of course, with cool things that pops out of your mind comes not-so-cool responsibilities that you need to keep in mind. You have to pick progress in this game. Doing so means you need to achieve goals and unlock levels and items. Which is actually kind of awesome.

The game’s split into a couple different mini features that keeps it exciting every bit of it. The campaign gives you a bunch of specific situations spread across the farm all over the Hay Day map. Like little objectives. So at this one, you have to bring in a certain product or goods. There’s also a free play mode, which gives you an unlimited budget and let’s you get wild to anything of your desire. No matter what you play, though, it’s the same story. You get to manage the farm from above, with this bird’s eye view, as well as from the ground. That’s where you actually get to see what you’re creating, and how it looks to the visitors. There are so many things I like about Hay Day. As for my favorite, the game is more focused on the farming and the fun, which makes it perfect for players of all ages. It’s a game you can get and just play for hours, and not be worried about it. There’s not much in the way of mishaps or music or math. This game’s just simple and fun aside from the fact that you can add Hay Day 1000 diamonds using the best hack apk application in the market today.

Call of Duty Heroes – A Base Building Game You’ll Love

Before it was considered as one of the best in the base building gaming genre, larger than most of us ever imagined, played and immersed with it with a passion or hate it with even with even more passion, Call of Duty Heroes was simply a considered a copycat to the more popular title at that time, that is Clash of Clans. It is the first game created by Activision taking the new mainstream genre of base building games where SuperCell has been dominating. Of course, we all that this company already sold out countless of game copies with more than a dozen of titles over the pass decades but it was more on FPS on PC and gaming consoles, nothing much on mobile gaming especially with the advent of the more popular iOS and Android devices that are selling like pancakes nowadays.

Well you know the story, Call of Duty Heroes went on to become a smash hit , but no one really believe it at first that such thing could ever happen to such newly built marketing strategy in the company. In an attempt to remember where they came from, they released the game with that Call of Duty feel where most gamers can easily relate. Unfortunately it is not what you guys are expecting, it is not a FPS game but rather a strategy game with its unique touches of its own. It features online modes where players get to meet other players from all around the globe. You start off as an American commander, fighting behind the camp that your troops are into. Then you need to level up everything within your premises to go after higher level opponents as you progress in the game. You also have the option to play not against real human players but rather to go on a mission taking down AI or computer generated bases following specific tasks in exchange for rewards.

Each misison has plenty of tasks all designed to show the destruction of war. The Soviet campaign offers some of the most memorable moments.If you have played other COC like games, then Call of Duty Heroes Online Hack gameplay will be familiar, but also very different. Different in the sense that it has better implementation and minot tweaks on the mechanics which make it more interesting among players. While the recent updates does help with the overall quality of the game, you will still want a lot of features that may present a better scenario for everyone. The game is a better fit for those who love the feel of Call of Duty yet want something that is new and has decent mobile phone or device you can install it with to play it on the go.

Boom Beach Resource Base Take Over Made Easy

Resource Take Over

One of the basic ways of progressing into playing Boom Beach Hack is to master the skill of resource base takeover. This is due to the fact that having the resources needed to build and upgrade resources will be a vital aspect of the game. You can’t be successful in the game without having mastered such feat because acquiring resources is the basic way of everything in Boom Beach. This tutorial we will be focusing on how to take back resource bases from those attackers who made it successfully against your defense.

For the basic strategy taking over resource bases in Boom Beach, having warriors just like mine is pretty much dominant to your raids. To be exact, my warriors are level 10 and having to attack bases is kind of easy and care free. There is not too much that can actually stop them. They are able to drop most of the bases swiftly unless if the defenses are highly upgraded then it would somehow cause some trouble, otherwise there is not too much that is going to bother my raid with them. As you can I easily took over the resource base. It is the first one though, so let me try another one and see what happens.

So, let us go ahead and look at the map. Looking around in the hope of finding the perfect opponent resource base for us. I am doing a gentle scan and as you can see I am nearing my goal in the quest to 400. So I got this base right here. It is 17 and 1. I don’t know if I missed this one. I basically did a preliminary scouting earlier before making this tutorial, so by this time I will not have that much of a difficulty. Same as the first base, this base is kind of easy for us to complete the take over. After completing the raid, all you have to do is to put up your own defenses to protect resources like wood, iron, etc. It would be wise enough for you to setup your resource base’s defense in manner that can cause problems to attackers and perhaps halt their victory.

For those who have been curious about the significance of me emphasizing the resource bases and how to take over from enemies, just take this as something that can help you progress in the game. It would be too naive of you if you haven’t known the benefits of resources in Boom Beach. Feel free to check my reference regarding the strategy I have mentioned above.

XCOM Enemy Unknown on Android, Is it Worth It?

XCOM Enemy Unknown

Mobile gaming is one of the largest arena where developers are investing their efforts. Every now and then games are being released but only a few of them are worth our time. Today we’re taking a look at XCOM Enemy Unknown, a port of a game that appeared in 2012 on PC and I think in 2013 on some of the other platforms. Now what they’ve done here is really taken the full PC experience and ported it across onto Android and they’ve done a wonderful job. The same gameplay elements, the strategy, the deep RPG, invasion by aliens, it’s all here. The only compromises they’ve made is to the texture quality, which the textures are not as high a resolution as we’ve seen on PC and also the lighting model has been simplified somewhat but it’s still the same Unreal engine powering it but ported across onto Android and they’ve done XCOM Enemy Unknown a fantastic job.

The game has been released for around £8 and you get the full experience there there’s no in-app purchases, there’s no DLC content being locked off from you, everything is there for you to kind of play. It doesn’t include the DLC they released for PC sometime early last year I think it was, or late last year but you do have the full original Enemy Unknown experience. Now, if you’re not familiar, the XCOM games have a very long strategy history. They basically tell the story of aliens invading the earth and humanity’s last-ditch attempt to, well, stop them really and to understand the threat and combat it. XCOM Enemy Unknown The gameplay takes the form of a squad-based strategy game which is turn-based XCOM Enemy Unknown so you’ll have to move your squad around the battlefield taking cover destroying the enemy, collecting objects or completing various kind of sub-missions depending on the particular scenario you’re working on at the time. But the gameplay here is just perfect. They’ve captured everything that we know and love of Enemy Unknown but on mobile.

Obviously this was a very much a kind of cursor controlled game, mouse and keyboard game originally but by taking that and putting it on to mobile they’ve obviously had to replace the cursor with taps so double tapping on things tends to be the main way to kind of activate a lot of the button presses and so on. It does become a little bit tricky at times trying to move your XCOM Enemy Unknown kind of characters around the screen, your squad, not always the easiest to kind of see where you are. I think this game kind of works better on tablets or anything with a very large screen. I think a minimum of a 5-inch screen really here. We’ve been playing this on the HTC One M8 and absolutely fine, no major problems. Just occasionally you’ll find that the accuracy of where you’re trying to move your squad mates to is a little bit twitchy but not a major problem and at no point did it actually cause me to fail a level or die or anything like that. It was just a case of well, that could just be improved a little tiny bit. Ultimately this is the best strategy game we are ever going to see on Android, certainly being ported across from a full PC experience. It’s an absolute blinder and for me, this gives great confidence that the Unreal Engine 4 XCOM Enemy Unknown and its cross-platform credentials is going to stand us in very, very good stead for some true AAA quality games but available on Android.