GTA V Storyline DLC Progress Report

GTA 5 DLC Great news everyone! There are some good information for you guys regarding an upcoming story mode DLC for Grand Theft Auto V. This information comes straight from the voice actor of Franklin himself.  With that, we know it is entirely legitimate and isn’t coming from some kind of leak on the internet or anything like that. I mean this is coming from the man himself who’s in the studio working on the voice of Franklin’s. First off, before we actually get into the details. It is not kind of like, “Yeah, we all know that there is a story mode DLC coming for GTA 5. We’ve known that from day one. They did a lot of DLC for GTA IV. We knew it would be coming for GTA 5.”  So, it is not like it is a huge thing like, “Oh my gosh! We’re getting a DLC and a GTA 5 money hack!” We all knew that, but I don’t know. It is kind of neat to hear the actual voice actor of Franklin confirming it himself and that he is currently working on it. Anyways this information comes from an eight-minute video which is an interview with Sean Fontina.Iif you’re not familiar with Sean, he is the voice actor of Franklin. And so if you want to hear for yourself, go to the six minutes and 27 seconds just get to that point and that’s exactly where he starts talking about GTA V.  In his exact words, he says we are working on a DLC for GTA V.

He said “working”.  That is present tense. He didn’t say it in past tense. You can say they are currently working on it. It gives you an idea for just where they are in the process and he also says that is the first thing on his list to get finished as a number of other projects going on his way. He’s a busy man. He does a lot of things but this is the first thing on his list to get finished up. So, there’s good news for those you who are excited for the Grand Theft Auto V storyline DLC. I think everybody’s excited, but like I said it’s just good to know that it is being worked on. There is progress being made to revive the hype of the game like we used to have back when the game was just released.